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outsourceit inc.

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Solutions for Customer Lifecycle Management

Hayward, California


  • Outgrown spreadsheet-based solution
  • Limited productivity of the existing processes limited ability for HR to focus


  • Airframe™ HR to manage Employee records, Benefits, Compensation


  • Deployed in less than two weeks after contract signature
  • HR Department has more time for higher value activities
  • Management has instant access to key HR information

"As a growing business, we needed to get our different departments more organized. Our people are the core of our business, and it was time for us to do a better job at managing our employees. We selected Airframe™ because we needed a cost-efficient solution that could grow with our needs. It was a simple decision: the functionality was here and we knew we could go live in just a couple of weeks. On top of it, the Airframe™ team has been very responsive to our needs."

Jeff Lowenstein, President

Outsourceit helps companies manage the key elements of successful Customer Lifecycle Management, from leveraging and enhancing valuable customer information, developing winning strategies and campaigns, and executing strategies and continuously managing results.


Employees are at the core of Outsourceit's business: optimizing employee satisfaction and performance, and streamlining the HR process from recruiting to retention is critical to Outsourceit's success. The company was managing HR data in spreadsheets and file cabinets, and it was time to switch to a more productive approach. "At this stage of our growth, paper and spreadsheets was not an option any longer" says Jeff Lowenstein, President of Outsourceit, Inc. "We knew a few things about what we wanted: on-demand software, and a robust application platform that could grow with our needs".


Outsourceit had their employee records in Airframe™ in less than two weeks after signing the contract. "Not only did Airframe™ handle all the key requirements of our HR department," says Lowenstein "but we knew that Airframe™ would grow with our business needs, both in the HR department and with other departments of the company."

A few key differentiators made a significant difference in Outsourceit's decision:

On-demand: Airframe HR was built as on-demand software from the ground up, allowing for rapid deployment and a maintenance-free environment.

No risk: the ability to start using Airframe™ with the security of a money-back guarantee meant a shorter evaluation cycle.

Feature-rich: cost-efficient solutions often come with painful functional limitations. With Airframe™, the features were there, and the price was right.

Scalable: Airframe™ offered an easy path to a powerful platform. If Outsourceit were to outgrow Airframe HR, a seamless upgrade to Airframe™ Professional or Enterprise will enable access to power features and full customization capabilities.