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The Resource and Relationship Management Utilty

Airframe consists of three on-demand applications that work together or independently.
Airframe Express applications

Airframe CRM
An on-demand utility for managing your Customer Service, Sales and Marketing departments. It is 100% web-hosted, and it's guaranteed to help your company:

  • Plan pricing, campaigns and promotions
  • Assign territories and quotas
  • Generate and manage leads
  • Convert leads into full-featured opportunities
  • Negotiate quotes and process orders
  • Manage pipeline, forecast, territories and quotas
  • Deliver multi-tiered customer service
  • Let your customers find the answers themselves, online
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Airframe HR
An on-demand utility for managing your Human Resources department.

  • Manage your personnel records
  • Streamline your recruiting activities
  • Enhance employees' performance
  • Track and respond to issues with an HR help desk
  • Empower employees  throughout your company with a self-service portal
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Airframe Help Desk
An on-demand utility for managing your IT and Facilities help desks - and many other functions in those departments.

  • Streamline your IT and facilities processes
  • Track your assets and documentation
  • Manage warranties, maintenance and service contracts
  • Schedule mass moves and upgrades
  • Record, respond to and resolve issues
  • Empower employees throughout your company with a self-service portal
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Airframe is secure, reliable, state-of-the-art "software-as-a service", with nothing to install and nothing to download—just subscribe, log in and get started. Airframe tracks many different kinds of records specific to your department. In addition, it tracks your contacts & schedules, prioritizes your department's tasks and objectives, and helps you keep your customers, employees and partners happy. You can email-enable your help desks and support groups, keep accurate records, attach and version Office documents, and access everything from anywhere with a standard Web browser.