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The Resource and Relationship Management Utilty


What is On-Demand Software?

On-Demand applications, also known as Software-as-a-Service, are applications that run on the Web. There is nothing to install or download. All you need is a broadband Internet connection and a standard Web browser.
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What is Airframe's support policy?

You can consult our online Knowledgebase and file help requests online 24x7. You can also email our support department any time and they will normally respond during business hours (6 AM-6 PM Pacific time) within 2 business days or less.
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Does Airframe perform upgrades?

Airframe's upgrades are automatic and free. You will be notified of a pending upgrade in advance. Any configuration you have done on your system will be preserved from the previous version.
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How secure is my data at Airframe?

Very secure. Airframe's servers are protected by multiple layers of physical and electronic security. We regularly run security audits, and it is our strict policy that our administrators may never access any of your information without permission. Every page of the Airframe application is protected by SSL security (https://).
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Is the system available 24x7?

Yes. Occasionally a maintenance window requiring brief, scheduled downtime will be announced in advance.
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Does Airframe™ integrate with Microsoft Office and Outlook?

Yes. You can store any Office document in the Airframe Document Management System, and collaborate on it with other users anywhere on the Internet. You can also import and export Outlook Contacts, Calendar items and Tasks.
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What operating systems and browsers does Airframe support/require?

Airframe™ runs on either the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Airframe™ requires Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above or Firefox version 1.0 or above.
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What can I configure in Airframe?

You can make a number of changes to the application yourself: change tenant-level settings (like password & security policy), create new and delete logins, change passwords, create and modify Browse Views and Reports, manage lookup values (like Priority and Status drop-downs). By contacting our support organization and for a small service fee, you can use custom fields, custom connector jobs to import and export data, tailor the security model and job descriptions to your specific needs, and more.
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How do I get help?

Many users will be able to use most features of Airframe™ without any help at all. Most screens in Airframe offer online help by clicking the "?" icon on the title bar. Also, most fields in Airframe have tooltips, which you can turn on or off as a preference. Finally, if you're stuck on a problem, you can email Airframe support for further assistance.
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How do I export data from Airframe™?

You can export data from any list of reports in the system to a standard file format (XML, CSV, etc), which can be opened in MS Excel or be imported into another application. Airframe™ also provides off-the-rack data connectors to specific applications, like MS Outlook and Intuit Quickbooks. If we need a specific connector job that is not provided with Airframe, our Professional Services can setup additional connectors for a reasonable fee.
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