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The Resource and Relationship Management Utilty

What is Airframe(TM)? Airframe is a new utility for business: an on-demand resource & relationship management suite. It enables your customer relationships, human resource management and asset support teams-or any combination of those-to work together using the same application. Managers can monitor their teams in graphical dashboards, and employees can extend their reach across departments to work together on projects.

Airframe is on-demand software, which means it exists 100% on the web, with nothing to install or download. Airframe is one repositoryWith Airframe, all your key data can be integrated in ONE repository. Departments and teams share information seamlessly, and we help each department extend their reach within the company. For example, we help Sales work with Engineering and Product Marketing on product commitments, we bring together Customer Service and IT when they need to collaborate on customer success, and we help HR work with every employee and manager to help them focus on performance. Airframe is designed for immediate use with self-paced training ... and more

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